Enveloped in Lilac Hues

Enveloped in Lilac Hues is a short collection of poems arranged in chronological order as written while processing and coping with grief. Raw words and thoughts trying to make sense of the pain to get through to the other side.

Wanderer and the Moon

The moon’s phase changes throughout its cycle, as do we; loving, aching, growing, and more on this journey called Life.

This debut collection contains poetry and prose pieces about motherhood, heartache, intimacy and love, healing and growth.

Andreana’s debut poetry and prose collection, Wanderer and the Moon, is available to own worldwide.

Break Through the Earth

from the Wanderer and the Moon collection


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About the Author

Andreana Warlow is a Canadian poet, author and creator. Writing became an absolute saving grace. Compiling words from her heart and soul, Wanderer and the Moon was self-published and released in April 2021.

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Small leaks sink big ships

Punctured. Leaking. Like I was being crushed under gravities weight. With unbearable pressure pulsating in my head was the ache of struggling to console, barely in a position to hold my newborn right. But if I didn’t lay flat,

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I was featured on a podcast!

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to have a chat with Derick Asante of @daps_podcast on his podcast and I’m so thankful for it! I spoke on bits about my life journey and writing process, how my poetry and book truly…

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