I’m Andreana! I am a Canadian-born author, writer, and content creator. Through YouTube, I began my online presence in 2015, sharing videos focused on afro-textured hair. In 2017, I created this blog to share the complexities of motherhood and my journey to positive mental health. In 2020, I went in a different direction with writing and expanded into poetry. With the universal language of poetry, I’ve since connected with an array of people who share a similar passion. Compiling words from my heart and soul, I’ve since released a self-published book called ‘Wanderer and the Moon.’

Wanderer and the Moon is now available worldwide in paperback and ebook format!

Wanderer and the Moon

The moon’s phase changes throughout its cycle, as do we; loving, aching, growing, and more on this journey called Life. This self-published debut collection by Andreana Warlow contains poetry and prose pieces about motherhood, heartache, intimacy/love and personal growth.

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The days feel the same

like I didn’t walk towards the light three times then rip my heart out to say goodbye to another / like I didn’t get the call that my first home and first love was about to go then have lived every day since aching to hear her speak, if only once more not in a…

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There was a time before.

I had an insightful conversation (which you may or may not be able to listen to soon) that kept me up for a bulk of the night thinking.   Thinking and reassessing my journey and realizing how writing and storytelling came to be so important to me. I mean, after all, the meaning of one of my given…

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