I can feel it in the air

Early in the morning. Makes you feel at home. Criticizes respectfully and truthfully. A phone call away when devastation hits. When your significant other just lied to your face for the umpteenth time. Celebrates your victories. Pouring rain and you’re lonely.  Understands what “I’m fine” really means. Down to your last $5. Cheers you up when you’re angry. A text message to lift your spirit.  Adores you when you feel ugly. A warm bed to sleep in. Embraces your growth. Late at night. Welcomes your bad days. Bright skies and adventure time. Inspires when you’re in a rut. Shares your excitement. Comforts you when you’re heartbroken. Tells you when food is stuck in your teeth. Accepts the way you do the things you do.

Rare it is a possibility to have people in your life who don’t lie to you, deceive you or cheat you. Rather than spending your time with people filled with ill-intent, encrust your faith in the special people who  have proven time and time again to be shining lights in your life. People who won’t tell the world your secrets during a fall out and definitely won’t lead you astray. Who will look you in the eye and tell you what you need to hear regardless of feelings being hurt. Not with intent to belittle or shame you, but to constructively put into perspective any changes that need to be made. People who will genuinely treasure, appreciate and believe in you to the fullest.

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