Fancy seeing you here!

One of the first conversations my husband & I had on Facebook a few months before we started dating at the end of 2012 involved the basic catch-up questions of “how are you?”, “what’s been going on in your life?” and “how’s the family?”. We’ve known each others families since 1996 but as kids he was simply my best friends big brother. As often as I hung out at her house, him and I *maybe* only spoke once. The conversation went silent after I told him I wasn’t a big fan of The Weeknd.

Next month I got hit with “Miss! May I interest you in a drink sometime?”

*crickets chirping*

At the end of that month when he asked if I’d be up for something on my day off work, my response was “What’s that something?”. I’m sure a definitive answer of yes or no would’ve sufficed, no answer was again the route I took.

Four days later after an 8 hour shift on my feet, I felt way too tired to make it home myself which is something that unusually happened with me but that day I really couldn’t muster up the strength to walk  the 1/2 hr to 45 mins home (which is what I usually did). I called my sister who lived in the area to see if she was able to pick me up. Luckily she was at the Walmart less than 5 minutes away from my work, so I went to meet her there. While waiting in the checkout line with my sister and niece, a strikingly handsome 6’5″ giant in a bright yellow work vest laughing loudly was passing by to get a pack of socks and caught my immediate attention.

As soon as we parted ways and got in the car I shot him a message.
And the rest is history…

Energies don’t lie. The moment our eyes locked on to each other, I knew. I would be 100% lying if I said since that fateful day each day has been blissful and easygoing since. We’ve gone through periods of truly enjoying each others company to periods of spending the evenings not saying more than 5 words to each other unless absolutely necessary in our kids favor. After 2 different types of pregnancies and 2 babies with different personalities, figuring out parenthood while both of us evolving into people we’d never imagined we’d be, and all the other bits in between… 5 years has flown by. Personally he’s helped to bring out some of my best attributes and unlearn many bad habits.

I don’t believe in coincidences so it’s no surprise that my husband and I connected the way we did. I finally reached a point in my life where I was able to accept change and evolve. Since opening myself up to the universe then, a variety of situations have occurred in which I needed to pay attention to the signs, little or big and trust my instincts. Dreams featuring old faces relaying messages which weren’t understandable but would ultimately be preparation for an upcoming obstacle. Dreams or thoughts of people not of commonplace in my life who the next day make an appearance in an unexpected form. Moments that have felt like deja-vu which were me reliving a situation in a way because I needed to finally learn the lesson at hand. Rushing to get to a destination and getting distracted ever so slightly to the point I ‘miss out’ on an accident ahead. Changing a regular route and bumping into new/ old faces, having conversations that bring about inspiration in some form to my life.

When ideas or plans don’t work out the way I’d imagined, rather than getting upset I know that everything is going the way it is exactly meant to go. On a day when it seems everything that can possibly go wrong is going wrong, I take it as an ultimate sign to stop, take a deep breath, recompose myself, and brainstorm an alternative route. Regardless of if the outcome could mean devastation or happiness.

What is meant to be, will be.


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