April Showers Bring May Flowers

One thing I was excited for Mother’s Day were the crafts and pictures that my eldest made at school for me. His first year of school and I was gifted with a rainbow vase and pink Roses, a picture of him blowing kisses and a list of the special things he loves about me. According to Mr. Art: I am 10 years old, I weigh 500 lbs, I would love to do groceries in my free time, he loves me because I let him use the T.V in our room, and I cook the best chicken. The other part of Mother’s Day I was excited for was going out for lunch with my Husband, kids + extended family and enjoying the beautiful weather. What I spent that Sunday busy with instead (and night before) was what seemed like the flu mixed with a stomach bug. I spent the day sneezing accompanied with nausea/vomiting, and the inability to rest on a hot day with no A/C. There was no medicine that helped at all and the one meal I could get to stick in the evening was a bowl of Pho and ginger ale (which would become a staple for the following weeks).

Monday followed pretty much in suit. I quickly adjusted to the nausea and made a point of not eating anything other than cucumbers and drinking only water. I had to get myself and kids ready in the morning for school and whatever outing I could fit in for the morning…which didn’t amount to much because I literally felt like a zombie. The sneezing had subsided a bit which was an indicator for me that it wasn’t allergies or the flu. So when my daughter and I got to the store for toilet paper, chicken noodle soup, crackers and Oreo cookies (for her), I knew that picking up the pregnancy test my husband mentioned once or twice in the past couple of weeks wouldn’t be out of the question. An hour or 2 later, his suspicions were confirmed… I was pregnant!

I went to the doctor the next day to do another urine test and attempt to do some blood work. Turns out if you’re dehydrated (which I had been from the excessive vomiting) then getting blood drawn is pretty much impossible and just a tad painful with extra pricks the doctor makes trying out different veins. I was dehydrated and still zombie-like since just about nothing was staying down. On the day I rescheduled my doctors appointment, I managed to have a breakfast of 1 strawberry, 2 cucumbers and water, with a snack of crackers and ginger-ale before getting blood drawn. Other meals I had success with in the initial 2 weeks were bread + cream cheese, crackers, Pho, Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and the occasional couple of strawberries or cucumber slices. Ginger-ale became a staple and of course, water.

ultrasound 1

On May 29th, my mini-me accompanied me for the first 8 week ultrasound where she sat quietly and watched the monitor in confusion I’m sure. When I showed her the print-out from the technician, she knew right away that I had a ‘baby in my tummy’. After school that day she told her brother who was so excited for the chance to have a baby brother, she of course wants a sister. June 25th was my first Pre-Natal visit with the OBGYN I had for my previous pregnancies. By that visit, my everyday nausea/vomiting struggle was down to a every few day occurrence and I got the pre-req’s for more blood work and the next ultrasound.

This pregnancy so far has been completely unlike my first two. The first trimester took what felt like all the strength I had in my mind and body, and then some to get through the days. The nausea and vomiting reached a level I’d never imagine reaching which didn’t let up for just about everyday since May 13th. I’m pretty much back to eating healthy balanced meals but keeping sure to avoid foods that trigger the nausea. A big one has been chicken unfortunately. Also, this baby seems to not like chocolate/dessert treats or coffee very much..win? Yeah it’s a win because I was trying to cut back before I got pregnant anyways lol. As promised by the trusty pregnancy app that I’ve been religiously reading as if I’m experiencing this for the first time, the second trimester has been as smooth sailing as it can go. Pregnancy congestion had been the culprit of restless nights because I haven’t been able to breathe through my nose most of the time. It’s called pregnancy Rhinitis which is caused by higher levels of estrogen making the nasal passages swollen. I’ve been yearning for a decent nights sleep but the rhinitis could last up until I give birth and then we’re in for a different cause of restless nights. Basically I’ve been yearning for all of the sleep, every few hours if I honestly could.  The kids have been very understanding for how much I’ve been literally struggling, which I think is quite funny to say. And my husband has been nothing short of my rock every single day. One of my biggest cravings has been beef and he really knows how to grill some good steak, lol. I mentioned to my husband recently that I don’t remember life with a newborn being half as challenging and draining as how the past few months of pregnancy have been for me. He of course said that he’ll remind me of that comment in January.

The past few months have been really hard and challenging daily yet here we are. To date I am 16 Weeks & 5 days pregnant, 117 days in  and going strong. Only 23 weeks left! 😉

14 Weeks Pregnant

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