A functional shared children’s room

Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube seem to be the main hubs people go to when searching for inspiration to decorate rooms in their home. When brainstorming ideas in our place, especially the kids’ bedrooms – I sure did. Who else enjoys looking at perfectly curated children’s play areas or bedrooms?

My 5 year old son and 4 year old daughter enjoyed having their own rooms, but two issues arose in our house: 1. It seemed they slept more soundly with someone else in their room. 2. Our now 7 month old needed a separate room for more sound sleep as well.

After a few months of going back and forth on the idea, our older kids are now sharing a room again. One of the reasons I felt a bit anxious about the idea was the amount of items they had. Where would everything go?

Since minimizing clothes, toys, and accessories that no longer serve a purpose in our house, the children are able to enjoy their shared space more and none of us have to endure the unnecessary clutter or mess.

Here’s how we fit 2 twin sized beds in this space:

Initially we purchased this twin bed when our son was 3 years old with the intention that he could have the area underneath as a play nook. The KURA bunk bed from IKEA is affordable, durable, and has held up well through the many room layouts. It’s at a comfortable height to change sheets, and tuck in whomever is at the top. Should there ever be a falling accident, it won’t be very far down. I’ve always thought about re-doing the finish and painting the wood pieces, which can easily be done as well.

Our daughter moves around a lot during the night so the bed rail was put at the bottom not necessarily for safety, but just so she doesn’t roll out and sleep in the middle of the room.

I’ve realized with less toys accessible to them the kids have been playing a lot more independently, and enjoying it more. Without everything stacked within their reach or toys strewn all over the floor, they feel less overwhelmed and more inclined to play with each toy longer. They know where their favorite toys will be, and when they’re done, it goes right back where it’s supposed to.

In the post ‘How to minimize clutter, organize, and optimize your shared children’s room‘ I wrote about their current clothing and toy situation. Give that post a read to find out how you can make the system work for you. Pass it along to anyone who could use the tips as well.

One thought on “A functional shared children’s room

  1. My girls share a room also and not having too many toys in the room really does help them have more room to play and cleaning up is easier too. In the future they’ll be getting twin beds but I don’t know if I can trust them with bunks lol


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