On a long list of tattoo ideas I wrote years ago, ‘breathe’ was one of them. It has been and still is one of the things I always tell myself whenever I’m going through intense feelings.

To breathe through the debilitating migraines I’ve suffered with since I was child.

To breathe through the unhealthy body image I had of myself which plagued me as a pre-teen to my early adult years, often until the thoughts of self harm.

To breathe through the doubts filling my mind as I’ve felt as though everyone and everything is passing me by.

To breathe through the heartaches and emotional roller coasters of loves lost and friendships ruined.

To breathe through the sadness I’ve faced losing a deeply cherished family member.

To breathe through the panic coursing through my body when I thought something terrible happened to my newborn.

To breathe through the anxieties of not feeling competent enough to be a mom.

To breathe through the realization that none of these states I’ve been in were permanent.

As the earth is always spinning, I am constantly evolving. I’ve gone through times as a child imagining what I’d even be when (and if) I grew up, to various moments onward wondering what’s my purpose for even living, to sincerely hoping I don’t end this journey until I’m old and grey.

And release.

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