Mini Braids on natural blown out hair + postpartum hair

About them and why

I washed my hair as I regularly do, then let my hair air dry in large braids for a few hours. I blew out each chunk of hair before I started braiding tiny sections of hair. At first I wanted to do mini twists but when I tested them out they didn’t seem like they would last as long as I intend to keep these braids in for.

It took me about 6 hours to finish the complete installation of mini braids, I think. I had to work in increments at night until the baby needed me and then the next day when I was able to between doing things with the kids and whatever else needed to be done.

The only parts of my hair that I cared to neatly part were a side and middle part. Everything else was freely parted.

Mini Braids can be very versatile and freeing as I can just let my hair out and not worry about it knotting or drying out. I don’t think I was able to capitalize on the pregnancy hair growth because I had an extremely hard time with nausea and even just eating. Then the postpartum hair loss hit me worse than I think it did with my past 2 pregnancies. The past few months my hair has been neglected a lot from my regimen so there’s been a lot of breakage as you can see.

With my hair in mini braids I’m able to wash and moisturize it as normal and styling is a breeze!

At night I either put my hair up in a bun if I’m feeling super lazy or I mainly just do 2 braids down and put a silk hair bonnet on.

Every 2-3 days I apply the ORS Olive Oil Foam Mousse to my hair. For my ends I apply water and leave in conditioner to moisturize and curl them.

Every 3-4 days I do a scalp oil massage.

I’m planning to leave this protective style in for at least a month. Wish me luck!

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