A fight through anxiety

Remember when we were kids and one of the scariest things was jumping off the jungle gym? Or out of trees? You heard stories about the kid who broke this or sprained that and the story just became an inspiration for how you won’t mess it up. There were multiple bones you could’ve broken with one wrong move but you did it as much as possible every recess.

Remember that feeling of psyching yourself up to go? Feeling anxious and sweaty. Getting in the position to make the leap, and counting down. Closing your eyes and imaging yourself just getting it over with.

5, 4, 3, 2 ….

Take the leap. 
Make the plunge.

Say everything you’ve been dying to say. Put yourself out there. Go where you haven’t gone before. Fight through the anxiety.

If you fail, at least you can figure out what went wrong and try again.

The biggest regret will be not trying at all.

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