Bentonite Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar Mask for Clear Skin and Defined Curls

Equal parts of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Bentonite Clay. I used 1/2 cup each in a plastic bowl with a plastic utensil. You can also use wooden objects to mix but never metals.

On Hair

Bentonite Clay works as a magnet drawing out toxins from hair.

Toxins buildup over time from the environment & regular products you use.

ACV effectively clarifies and cleanses. It’s perfect for an itchy and flaky scalp. The acidity helps to smoothen hair cuticles aiding in detangling. It stimulates blood circulation to hair follicles which promotes hair growth resulting healthier hair strands.

This mixture smooths over hair 100% easier on damp hair. I like to apply to my scalp for detoxification, then down the length of hair. It’s great on the scalp for gentle exfoliation.

Be sure to properly rinse the mixture out in the shower with warm water after 30- 40 mins, massaging your scalp to lift the mask off. I try to do this mask at least once a month or two on my hair. Afterwards my hair is shiny, smooth and the curls are bouncy and light. My hair feels refreshed and properly cleansed. Deep conditioning completes this routine as there’s no need for shampoo afterwards.

On Skin

I prefer a thicker layer of the mixture on my face than usual as it takes longer to dry & detox my skin. When I apply too little, it drys very tightly & hurts.

I do the face mask at least 1 -2 times a week OR spot treat problem areas every other day. ACV works great at lightening dark spots as well as shrinking breakouts. Keep it on for maximum 15-20 mins or until your face hurts.

I apply the mixture to my underarms to draw toxins out of my body as well and it unclogs pores. It can definitely help with lightening as well. (15-20 mins).

If you are someone who wears natural deodorants or who has been trying to make that crossover but keep struggling with odor, then this mixture works wonders for getting rid of that issue.

Drink plenty of water during and afterwards as well to aid your body in the detox this combination can perform.

Share this post with anybody who loves beauty DIY’s and would love some new tips. Enjoy!

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