The modern-day thought-trap

A letter to the editor,

When I uploaded my very first YouTube video three years ago, my biggest fears were “Oh my gosh, what is everyone going to think about me?” and “Why am I even doing this?”.

Just about every video I’ve created since or blog post I’ve typed up or lengthy Instagram caption I’ve picked my brain over sends me to the same two questions above.

What’s the point of writing about this topic when it’s been done before? There are a million motherhood/lifestyle/mental health/life experiences blogs out there. There are a million hair or beauty vloggers online. What if I get lost in the crowd?

What are my intentions? Who is going to read this? Is this useful to anyone? Does anyone care? What will the responses be? Can at least one person relate? What makes my content life-altering, special or time worthy?

These questions can too be used to break down every product, brand, or company on the market. They can be used to judge every singer, song writer, producer or artist. Every shirt advertised on T.V. and various shoes in the magazines.

Why are some worthier than others?

Why should you or I feel less than _____ to have a spot on any platform?

Although we all share similar experiences, they are all very unique.

I ‘bring to the table’ only something that I can bring. With everything I produce on any platform my intentions are to remain truthful to myself and to create bonds with anyone who can relate. My content is for anyone who has felt what I have or has gone through similar situations.


The Editor

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