Minimal and Montessori inspired baby room

Before our third baby was born, there were no initial plans for his own room. Our older two kids were content with having their own space, so at the time there wasn’t even a room available.

There was ample space in our master-bedroom for what our baby needed plus our stuff. Although a crib was handed down to us, co-sleeping was what made the most sense for me again this time around especially with the issues I had post-childbirth.

So, what changed?

Well for starters, our now 9 month old had just about tripled his birth weight and he needed more space than I do in our bed to have a safe, fulfilling nights sleep since he enjoys kicking about and sleeping like a star fish. Our sleeping space in the master bedroom hadn’t been the quiet sleeping space as well that he required due to my husband’s alarm going off in the early morning, and our older kids getting up to use the washroom or sneaking to sleep in our bed.

Our older kids, 5 and 4 years old, were having trouble sleeping without company at night so they began sharing a room as a result. There had been an unoccupied room before I decided to give our baby his own room. This unoccupied room slowly but surely became a catch all for clothes that needed to be donated, unsure future office ideas and maybe even a work-out area once cleaned.

Messy room before Montessori / Minimal baby room makeover

The first step was to clear everything out. Items we were keeping went away in their proper spots and anything we weren’t keeping was donated.

Brothers sitting in empty room before Montessori / minimal baby room makeover

Once the room was cleared out, only the essentials were moved in.

Ikea star carpet, Ikea twin mattress, baby in montessori / minimal baby room

The main idea of any minimal room is to keep it light, airy and to only have the things you actually use and need so not many things have been added here.

Ikea HILLEBORG curtains in package
Ikea HILLEBORG curtains hanging

Black-out curtains. Ideal for blocking out sun during sleep times and will provide protection during cold months.

Ikea change table, diaper and wipes cloth bins from dollarama

Change table. This change table has been so helpful since our baby was born for both my tall husband and myself. As mentioned before, I’ve had some issues post child-birth and using the change table had reduced some back bending pains. The only things to occupy it’s shelves are diapers, wipes, and his seat. Our little guy is crawling and pulling himself up to stand so not much will occupy the bottom shelf.

Sound machine and audio baby monitor ordered from Amazon, baby H&M boots, Gap hat, and bin on top of Ikea Dresser
Sound machine and audio baby monitor ordered from Amazon, baby H&M boots, Gap hat, and bin on top of Ikea Dresser beside Ikea change table

Dresser. The closet in this room is off limits so this dresser holds all of baby’s clothes – present and hand-me-downs, accessories and linens. Safety features will be added as well. On the dresser is a sound machine and an audio monitor for sleep times. The only light for this room is on the wall and every other outlet in the room has safety plugs while the outlet that houses these cords for mentioned products is out of reach.

Montessori style Ikea mattress on floor

A twin mattress. Rather than fussing with the confinements of a crib, I’ve gone the Montessori route for the bed and room as well. This mattress provides comfort and is low and safe enough now that he’s mobile. I am also still breastfeeding and will need to come in until baby is sleeping through the night. Once or twice a week as the room is cleaned I lift the mattress up to do a thorough vacuum. Although there are wood boards underneath the mattress so it’s not directly on the carpet I still like to get every inch cleaned.

Winnie the Pooh blanket hanging above Montessori style mattress with baby crawling on top

Carpet. The room is carpeted but for added padding and comfort we purchased a small area rug for baby to play on and roll off the bed onto.

Cosco playard in baby room

Playard. The playard has been the latest addition to this room. Although he’s able to crawl around wherever usually, I’ve set this up in the event that our little guy needs to be in an area without escaping should I need the enclosure at any time. It can be moved to other rooms as well which is great.

Mommy and son sitting on bed

With his bed being this low to the ground I’m not worried about any falling mishaps when he wakes up in the night or day time. There are very few stuffed animals/pillows out so that when he wakes up he’s able to play safely. This room is most definitely the calmest and tidiest room in our place to be honest. It’s perfect!

One thought on “Minimal and Montessori inspired baby room

  1. This is a great idea for the baby’s room. I love how minimal it is, that means easier clean up which makes it so appealing instantly !


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