One of many uses for that Liquid Gold: Breast Milk Baths for Babies

Like many breastfeeding Moms, throughout my breastfeeding journey I pumped to store milk should there ever be a situation I’m not able to immediately feed the baby. My issue each milk producing round (currently on number 3) has been that I’d been so tired or busy when transferring the milk from the bottles that I forgot to label the pump date on the storage bag.

Since there has been no need to use the back-up milk supply I started last January, there are bags and bags of breast milk in the freezer that need to be put to good use. As breast milk is naturally created to accommodate what the baby requires at that moment in time nutritionally, CJ won’t necessarily benefit from the milk, in fact it’s expired for consumption. It’s best to consume breast milk that’s been frozen within 6 months and you can have it in your freezer up to 12 months.

One way that frozen breast milk’s been useful in our house has been with baths. When CJ was a newborn up until now his skin gets very dry depending on the weather outside. I tried different brands with him and some of them even dried out his skin more. During these dry periods, alternating with breast milk baths and regular baths with a brand that I finally found gentle enough for his skin made a great difference. Now that the cold weather is coming back where we live, breast milk baths are becoming a regular occurrence again and they’re so simple and effective!

Benefits of breast milk for babies skin (and even your own):

Breast milk contains many antibodies and anti-inflammatory properties that heal skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, cradle cap, and minor scratches or cuts. The fatty acids in breast milk work wonders for fighting bacterial invasions as well through cuts/ scratches. (Razor sharp baby nail scratches too!)

Breast milk has fatty acids (oleic acid, palmitic acid, and linolenic acid) that work as a barrier on the skin and lock in the moisture to prevent dryness. Which is excellent at keeping baby’s skin smooth and supple.

Breast milk is perfect for healing diaper rash with the many healing properties it contains and is great in the bath to soak and soothe any wound baby may have.

What you need:

You just need warm water, fresh or defrosted breast milk 150 ml – 300 ml, and a tub! For the milk baths specifically, I’ve put baby in the kitchen sink or a baby bath tub. The natural oils in the milk need to cleaned out right after the bath.

10 – 15 minutes is a good time frame for baby to absorb the nutrients a breast milk bath provides. By 10 minutes, my little guy is ready to get out.

There is no need to do an extra rinse afterwards or to even add soap at all. Simply dry baby off and moisturize to lock in all the good stuff.

I hope your little one enjoys as much as mine did! If you found this info useful and know someone who could also benefit from it, comment below and please pass it on. xo

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