Under the influence

When I thought of what to write, you see,
I envisioned things whole that fell apart—like
lovers who brimmed with hugs and kisses.
Musical medleys from their moans of pleasure
and bursts of glee, that slowly but surely turned
to groans of hatred. Relationship’s sour, fruits
of careful labour rot, as two people that once
laced up tight trailing each other’s intricate lines
come to realize the time spent together was all
for naught. And then I thought, there is always
time to write about love crimes.
So, I look out the window to thawing fields and
dread what’s coming soon. They’re now all empty,
except for when April’s showers fall and everything
will be in full bloom. The transition to Spring for me
brings hay fever, and quite honestly, those allergies
are the bane of my existence when all I want is to
sunbathe in the grass and enjoy the simpler things.
And now I realize I’ve gone on and on,
I should’ve given you a heads-up from the start.
Well somewhere this story took a turn, and now,
here we are.

Andreana xo

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