Wanderer and the Moon is now available to purchase!

Compiling words from my heart and soul, I’ve self-published a poetry and prose collection called Wanderer and the Moon. The moon’s phase changes throughout its cycle, as do we; loving, aching, growing, and more on this journey called Life. While writing during a transitional period in my life, my debut collection contains 122 poetry and prose pieces about Motherhood, heartache, intimacy/love, and self-growth.

Wanderer and the Moon is available in both paperback and ebook formats!

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If you do purchase a copy, please leave me a review on the amazon page after reading it. A simple review is incredibly helpful and appreciated. Thank you!

Amazon Kindle Preview

Reader reviews

The collection is as dreamy as it sounds, taking the reader through phases of growth, love, acceptance and understanding. Every poem felt like a warm hug and Andreana’s presence could be felt through every piece. 

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