Small Box Braids on TWA / short hair | Protective Styling | Natural Hair Styles

In this video, I’m showing how I installed small box braids on my TWA/ super short natural hair. I’m finally growing my hair out from consistently buzz-cutting since last Winter.

I managed to get this style done over the course of a few days. These kinds of styles normally take many, many hours (6+) and I was definitely not able to sit that long and accomplish it in 1-2 days. (#MomOf3)

I used pre-stretched 2b and blonde Expressions braiding hair. Using the pre-stretched braiding hair saves about an hour or so of feathering the tips. I will mention too that I soaked the braiding hair in apple cider vinegar, mild cleanser, and water the day before as I always have a sort of allergic reaction when I install the braids.

Although it felt very strange to me to be braiding my hair again after having my hair buzzed for almost a year, the familiarity came back by the time I completed half of my hair and I’m very happy with the hard work I put in.

What protective style should I try next? Let me know in the comments of this post or on the YouTube video! Thanks for watching!

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