5 things to help you feel better when sick

5 things to get you feeling better

*Resting* is of course very important for your body to heal and recover. Below are 5 things to aid in your healing, boost and strengthen your immune system.

Light exercise

After resting as much as you have been, your body really needs some type of movement to get everything flowing again. If you’re not up for taking a short walk outside, yoga is a perfect alternative to reduce stress, keeps you relaxed and helps with back pain relief. Even simply moving around and tidying up your space can be super impactful. *when your body is ready*

My favourite yoga channel is #yogawithadriene on YouTube.

Drink immune boosting teas

One of the easier and simplest way to boost and strengthen your immune system is to drink teas with powerful ingredients. The tea shown above has ginger, lemon juice, garlic, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and honey. So much goodness

Drink healthy green juices

The best thing about green juices is that if you have a hard time getting veggies in with your meals throughout the day, you can just drink them as quickly as possible and carry on.

Take your vitamins

Vitamins contain essential nutrients your body needs that you most likely aren’t getting from your food. When you’re sick, you’re probably not able to stomach meals like usual so taking your vitamins are the best way to ensure you get those nutrients.

Don’t forget your water

Water is always so important, even more so when you’re sick/ not feeling well. It loosens any congestion so you can cough it out, common cold/ flu symptoms can lead to dehydration and if you’re not drinking enough fluids it’s hard for your body to regulate it’s temperature.

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