Enveloped In Lilac Hues – Newly Released 2022

Enveloped in Lilac Hues is a short collection of poems arranged in chronological order as written while processing and coping with grief.

Raw words and thoughts trying to make sense of the pain to get through to the other side.

There is no one way to process or cope with griefgrief isn’t linear.
It comes in waves and affects one in various ways at unpredictable times.

These poems were composed with only my Mother in mind, who for the past almost two years had been fighting to recover from surgery complications. Multiple times we were given updates on her health and what to expect/prepare for while holding tight and praying for her restored wellness. Since her entry to the hospital in July 2020, the days that followed were strange and almost dream-like as almost everyday throughout my life we were in contact in some way.

Enveloped in Lilac Hues was created as a simple project to keep busy and distracted from the everyday motions of life. In February with a bursts of inspiration and energy, the collection was put together and uploaded in it’s entirety for publication, both for the experience of creation yet with the afterthought that someone experiencing Grief in any form would find comfort there.

On February 21 after receiving the proof copy I went ahead with releasing and publishing the collection via KDP.

On February 23 we’d get an update from my Mother’s doctors that it was time to make final preparations to gather and say our goodbyes, which we’d ultimately do as March began.

It’ll be some time before the strange dream-like feeling of this new reality settles in and with writing, like always, there is hope and clarity to get through.

It comes.
Albeit in waves
but nonetheless, it comes
and I can’t shake or break the motions.
It’s tiresome riding the rollercoaster of emotions.
It’s hard not being washed away by the tides.
When it rains, it pours
and though I fear sometimes I’m not strong enough
to withstand the storms, I’ll take comfort
in knowing that it’s coming.
And it’ll keep coming in any form, any day,
any way.

What does ‘Enveloped in Lilac Hues’ mean?

There is a poem in the collection which was written before the idea of a book even came into conception with the line “enveloped in lilac hues, you—without a doubt,
the one to keep me going.”

My mother’s favorite color is purple and it is one that always reminds me of her. As we were apart during her hospital stay, I continuously felt her presence around me while thinking of her and praying for her recovery. I was then, and always will be enveloped in lilac hues.

Available for Purchase here

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