What color reminds you of home?

Growing up, home was always full of beautiful, luscious plants. My Mother had a walk through nursery in a part our living room at one apartment and had plants on every window sill in every room at the another.

Immigrating to Canada, it was only natural for my Mom, née Green, to feel completely at home surrounded by plants. Even studying to become a horticulturist at one point, she really had all of the plant knowledge possible.

My own collection started as just an effort to add more warmth and colour to our place two years ago and then it became one of the ways I knew I could be closer to my Mom again.

Because it was only a few months after moving and living in nearby cities again after years apart that she’d be kept in the hospital for an emergency operation. The night before it would be the last time I’d hear her say “I love you”.

For almost two years with all the strength she had in her, my Mom held on, fighting.

Last month I noticed a change in the plants. Some were rapidly yellowing and losing leaves, others wilting and one was unable to be saved. I couldn’t figure out what was happening to them—what was in the air to cause this sudden change.

Just as February was ending we were told it was time to say our goodbyes to our Mom and a few days later knew She was finally at peace.

Green will always be Home

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