About the Author

Andreana is a Canadian mother, writer and content creator.

Through YouTube, she began sharing videos focused on afro-textured hair care to educate and provide styling ideas in the natural hair community. It wasn’t long until writing became her main focus as a creative outlet after the birth of her second child.

In 2017 she created this blog to share the complexities of motherhood and a journey to positive mental health. It has also been a space to write about family life, wellness and beauty info.

In 2020, Andreana went in a different direction with writing and expanded into poetry. Writing became an absolute saving grace. With the universal language of poetry, she’s since connected with an array of people who share a similar passion.

Compiling words from her heart and soul, Wanderer and the Moon was self-published and released in April 2021.

Throughout, Andreana has kept a constant mentality of ‘living simply, sharing intimately and bonding truthfully’.

How did you self-publish?

I’ve got the step-by-step details here.

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