Hey, I’m Andreana!

My family and friends also call me Ana. I am a mother, writer, poet and content creator. You should know I’m just about as random as my Instagram feed.

This site is my social media extension where I can express myself intimately and bond or share with people who have similar thoughts, ideas, struggles and triumphs. Rather than being trapped in a photo and stuck in a word limit when I want to dive into topics, through this blog I have the ability to speak my mind and express myself thoroughly. Unlike my YouTube channel which has had the main focus of my Natural Hair Journey (hair care tips, tutorials, etc), on this site I’ve been able to break out of my shell; be vulnerable and open, feel unabashed about..well..everything that makes me, Me. I have the chance to share with whomever is reading about motherhood and marriage, hair and beauty topics, my journey through depression and low-self worth and anything under the sun that I have the urge to write about.

I began writing years ago as a way to express myself and most importantly, to make a deeper social connection. In 2020 I tapped back into writing more intensely after having writers block for a year or two, this time in the form of poetry. Writing has always been a positive outlet for me. If there’s one thing that I benefitted from in 2020, it’s that my pain brought me a new joy of writing. Closer to my fountain of thoughts and now the are free flowing. As I began creating more and more poetry and pose pieces, I took a chance on creating a dedicated instagram account and sharing various pieces of work there. I was able to connect and interact with like-minded people who have a passion for writing like never before! It’s been a great experience and life changing as well.

please leave any comments, feedback on the blog posts and reach out via social links available should you ever feel like chatting. xo!

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