Hi, I’m Andreana! I am a Canadian-born mother, writer, and content creator.

Through YouTube, I began my online presence in 2015, sharing videos focused on afro-textured hair care to educate and provide styling ideas in the natural hair community. While I’ve since taken time away from creating said videos (hello new hairstyle), writing has taken my focus.

In 2017, I created this blog to share the complexities of motherhood and my journey to positive mental health. Although motherhood is thought of as an innate aspect for women, that has not always been the case. For instance, depression and anxiety lasting through pregnancy into the fourth trimester was not something I knew about until I was deep in it. I’ve also used this space to talk about life with my family, share bits of a minimalist journey, and health and beauty tips & tricks.

In 2020, I went in a different direction with writing and expanded into poetry. Like millions of people, I went through a dark period, and writing became my saving grace. With the universal language of poetry, I’ve since connected with an array of people who share a similar passion.

Compiling words from my heart and soul, I’ve since released a self-published book called Wanderer and the Moon. While writing during a transitional period in my life, this collection contains poetry and prose in three chapters: on love, on sorrow, on growth.

Throughout, I’ve kept a constant mentality of living simply, sharing intimately and bonding truthfully.

Please leave any comments, feedback on the blog posts and reach out via social links available should you ever feel like chatting. xo!

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