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What color reminds you of home?

Growing up, home was always full of beautiful, luscious plants. My Mother had a walk through nursery in a part our living room at one apartment and had plants on every window sill in every room at the another. Immigrating to Canada, it was only natural for my Mom, née Green, to feel completely at…

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Enveloped In Lilac Hues – Newly Released 2022

Enveloped in Lilac Hues is a short collection of poems arranged in chronological order as written while processing and coping with grief. Raw words and thoughts trying to make sense of the pain to get through to the other side. There is no one way to process or cope with grief—grief isn’t linear.It comes in…

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5 things to help you feel better when sick

5 things to get you feeling better *Resting* is of course very important for your body to heal and recover. Below are 5 things to aid in your healing, boost and strengthen your immune system. Light exercise After resting as much as you have been, your body really needs some type of movement to get…

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