Small Box Braids on TWA / short hair | Protective Styling | Natural Hair Styles

In this video, I’m showing how I installed small box braids on my TWA/ super short natural hair. I’m finally growing my hair out from consistently buzz-cutting since last Winter. I managed to get this style done over the course of a few days. These kinds of styles normally take many, many hours (6+) andContinue reading “Small Box Braids on TWA / short hair | Protective Styling | Natural Hair Styles”

There was a time before.

I had an insightful conversation (which you may or may not be able to listen to soon) that kept me up for a bulk of the night thinking.   Thinking and reassessing my journey and realizing how writing and storytelling came to be so important to me. I mean, after all, the meaning of one of my givenContinue reading “There was a time before.”

Small leaks sink big ships

Punctured. Leaking. Like I was being crushed under gravities weight. With unbearable pressure pulsating in my head was the ache of struggling to console, barely in a position to hold my newborn right. But if I didn’t lay flat,

Steps to self-publishing a book

In case you’ve missed it, I recently released my debut poetry and prose collection, which I self-published! A year ago, I would’ve never imagined