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Hey! I’m Andreana

Welcome to my site! This site holds writing pieces focused on: motherhood and marriage, hair and beauty topics, my journey through depression/ low-self worth to positive mental health, and anything under the sun that I have the urge to write about. It also features content created for YouTube.

About Me

I am a mother of three, a writer and content creator. I began writing years ago as a necessity and a way to express myself. Most importantly, to make a deeper social connection. I’m just here living simply, sharing intimately and bonding truthfully. Read more

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Growing up I wished for any name except my own. Many times I desperately longed for a different body to call home. Twenty-nine trips around the sun, a battle it's been to finally settle in. Here I am, I exist between the hairs on my head and my red nail polished toes. Pouring my heart and soul out, in poetry and prose.

- Set for Life


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Debut Poetry Book Release

Because we were together everyday until the day we were not. The 'us' became a void and the distance felt too far from your arms to my heart. So I'm especially happy and grateful for all the days the space between us ceases to remain. The moments I get to see your face and we have conversations that with others simply don't flow the same. We're able to be together for a while and talk of all the things so shocking, peculiar, random and mundane. 

- Rituals and Traditions

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I turn to you

Resilient through life’s storms,you are a beacon of light.Unwavering against the tests of time. On page 97 of my poetry and prose collection ‘Wanderer and the Moon’

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Can you repair cracked porcelain?

sure, until it’s been smashed and broken. our ship rocked little by little before it was destroyed to bits.all that we were cast aside and while we didn’t break on impact,i never thought we’d end up like this. best friends to strangers,…

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Heal to save your life

stagnancy is easy. repetitive bad habits are easy. there is comfort in holding on to the past and unresolved issues as we already know what’s on the other side, the results we’re going to get…what we’ll wake up to in the morning…

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