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Wanderer and the Moon

“While writing during a transitional period in her life, this self-published debut collection by Andreana Warlow called Wanderer and the Moon contains 122 poetry and prose pieces in three chapters: on love, on sorrow, on growth.”

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The collection is as dreamy as it sounds, taking the reader through phases of growth, love, acceptance and understanding. Every poem felt like a warm hug and Andreana’s presence could be felt through every piece. ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ and ‘Torrential Rains in May’ were among some of my favourites – I read this during a tough time, mentally, and this book found me when I needed it most.

Andreana Warlow got me at the preface. There was something so magical about her words of love that transcended into my heart leaving me longing for more of her heart. When I began my journey through Andreana’s heart, I knew there was something special between these pages. I found myself longing to gather her poetry in my heart and carry it with me throughout my day.

Across Oceans

“I see you though I may never
reach where you are.
I hear you when I read between
the lines of your deepest thoughts.
If all that’s to be are pictures
and words from your soul,
then wrap them with a ribbon
– your presence in presents to behold.”

Page after page my smile grew wider as I found myself tangled in a journey of love. Andreana Warlow found, through her poetry and prose a way to collect hearts along the way. I felt at home in her words and amazed at her ability to view the world so beautifully. 

The next piece made me smile with the genius that came line after line. Andreana has a magical way of collecting wordplay and tipping it into our tongues after our minds have requested for a repeat of such powerful imagery. 


“Strip first, let us get down to the
naked truth as we converse.
Put it all on the table, bare your soul.
I want to know about what life has
blessed you, everything’s that’s cursed.
Tell me your secrets while staring into my eyes.
Please, don’t disguise your true desires
while in my life. Take my hand and lead me
to a garden where our love sets the mood.
We’ll fade the lines between tantalizing and
subdued. Foreign lovers romancing will
only work by starting with both slates clean;
intentions revealed, no hidden motives behind
the scene. So, strip first, we’ll get down
to the naked truth before our bodies can converse”

​I am honoured to go deep into the heart and mind of poet, Andreana Warlow. Her beauty of growth and self love made we feel welcome in her home. 

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