Can you repair cracked porcelain?

sure, until it’s been smashed and broken. our ship rocked little by little before it was destroyed to bits.all that we were cast aside and while we didn’t break on impact,i never thought we’d end up like this. best friends to strangers, family ties undone. fine grains of sandyou try securing in your hands beforeContinue reading “Can you repair cracked porcelain?”

I was featured on a podcast!

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to have a chat with Derick Asante of @daps_podcast on his podcast and I’m so thankful for it! I spoke on bits about my life journey and writing process, how my poetry and book truly came to be and we talked about many little things in between. I read someContinue reading “I was featured on a podcast!”

I self-published a poetry book on Amazon KDP!

I had been meaning to record/upload this months ago when I first released my book back in April but there weren’t any quiet days in the house to get it done until earlier this month. Then it took just about a month after recording to edit it and upload. In this video I talk aboutContinue reading “I self-published a poetry book on Amazon KDP!”

Wanderer and the Moon is now available to purchase!

I self-published a book!